Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Westport CT

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Couples Therapy

The decision to seek couples counseling is often fraught with anxiety and fear.

That’s why I take great care to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where the goal is for each partner to feel validated and for the couple to communicate more effectively and deepen their connection.

My work with couples incorporates the powerful tools of Imago Relationship Therapy providing them with a structured, planful and respectful experience.

I have a special interest in working with couples who are:

  • Seeking pre-marital counseling.
  • Interested in improving their relationships.
  • Questioning the future of their relationships.
  • Seeking to divorce or amicably end their relationships.
  • Curious how to positively co-parent after divorce.
  • Seeking support surrounding remarriage and the challenge of blending families.

Family Therapy

We are each a product of the household in which we were raised. Although one person in a family may experience a problem, working with the entire family, or as many members as possible, allows me to view a client in the context of their family system. This unique vantage point enables me to see how poor communication, unbalanced hierarchies, unhealthy boundaries and conflict contribute to the presenting problem. The insights gained through family sessions are invaluable in helping clients to understand the origins of the issues, how others perceive them and most importantly, how to create healthier patterns of interaction and more effective coping strategies.


When working with an individual, I will always challenge them to consider how others experience them. Viewing oneself in context provides an important degree of accountability and personal responsibility. Individual sessions are a great environment for learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and working on anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues and personal goals.


Being a kid is more difficult than ever. Social media has given rise to cyber-bullying, sexting, excessive gaming and internet use, plus a whole new kind of stranger danger. Some kids are more scheduled and pressured than ever; while others have entirely too much time of their hands. Factor in that a large percentage of this generation of children are growing up in either single parent or dual income households where mom and/or dad are exhausted and stressed to the limit. It’s no wonder that more and more children do not know how to communicate and are being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and behavioral issues. Family work is assessed on a case by case basis when working with this age group; however, parents are almost always part of the solution.